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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aku dan Dia

suddenly, im thinking of publishing the pic of us here..
since its still not official, just upload the blurr one.. heheee..
here we are...

@Su Beauty & Collections 24-10-2010

~~miz adeqzLa~~

Cintailah aku Sepenuh hati

Cintailah Aku Sepenuh Hati – Ari Lasso

Di dalam hatimu
h aku temukan
Arti kebahagian
Bersama dirimu
Aku merasa berarti
Sanggupkah dirimu
Untuk bertahan
Hingga waktu tak berjalan
Walau bintangku tak terang

Cintailah aku sepenuh hati
Sesungguhnya aku
Tak ingin kau pergi
Takkan mampu ku hadapi dunia ini
Betapa hidupku takkan pernah sama
Bila kau tinggalkan ku
lah disini saling memiliki

Tiada arti semua bila kau pergi
Genggamlah tangganku dan peluklah diriku
Saatku jatuh nanti menangis sepi
Cintailah aku sepenuh hati
Sesungguhnya aku
Tak ingin kau pergi
Cintailah aku sepenuh hati
Tak ingin kau pergi
Takkan mampu ku hadapi dunia ini
Tiada arti semua bila kau pergi

~~miz adeqzLa~~

Compilation of FB status

each of these status have a very deep meaning for me..

its not just and simply posting.. all need high understandable and deep analysis..

its not just words but it relating to every step of mine in this colorful world.. its give me more lessons, extra effort and grow wiser...

~~"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together, Never give up on hope"..

~~Every beautiful things, there is always a pain in it

~~i want it to be perfect even it simple...let me choose my own like..

~~GOD, I know you said you would never give me more than I can handle, but sometimes I wish you didn't have so much confidence in me!

~~If y0u L0vE mE, I wiLL m0vE thE m0untAins t0 makE y0u hAppy. If y0u huRt mE, thEn I wiLL brIng thE m0untaIns d0wN up0n y0ur hEad!~~If each person would LISTEN before they PREACH, THINK before they SPEAK, STOP before they DO, LEARN before they "Know" we'd all be in a much better place...

~~Sometimes we gotta run to see who runs after us. Sometimes we gotta talk quieter to see who's listening. Sometimes we make mistake to see who will help us to fix it.
~~Sometimes being nice isn't always the best thing coz everyone knows that it's so easy to hurt nice people..
~~is trying to remember what a day without pain feels like :-(
~~There comes a time in life when you have to accept and move on, hope and never look back, smile and forget the pain and most importantly, love and let go!
~~I'm glad my life isn't perfect, I'm proud that I make mistakes, I'm happy I have my problems in life... It reminds me I'm real, I'm human... I'm me.
~~dulu2, mama slalu pesan "kalau tak boleh berkata kata dgn ayat yang bagus lebih baik diam, jgn smpai mengaibkan diri sndiri dan org lain"..mama pesan lg "seburuk mana pun kmu jgn pernah cerita keburukan kmu sebab 1 keburukan kamu akan membuatkan org lain lupa dgn 1000 kebaikan yang kamu ada"..
~~Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
~~WhEn y0u'vE d0nE s0mEthIng wr0nG, aDmIt It aNd bE s0rry.. N0 0nE In hIst0ry hAs EvEr ch0kEd t0 dEatH fr0m swALL0wInG thEir prIdE..
~~"hold on to things that make you happy and let go of things that make you sad!"
~~ I RemEmbEr whEn FaIry-taLes taUght Us It wAs 0kAy t0 bELIevE In "hApPILy EveR aFtEr".. ThEn rEaLIty sEt In aNd tAUght Us t0 Gr0w Up..
~~"Laugh with your Eyes, Hug with your Soul,and Smile with your Heart" ..That's me !!
~~They say "if u look hard, u'll find ur way back home".. They'r gonna tell u where to walk, when to smile & just wat to say.. They say "have ur own fun, make ur own mind &  i'll pay No Attention"..
~~I'm stronger because of my hard times, I'm wiser because of my mistakes, I'm happier because of my sad times, and I'm smarter because of my moments of confusion..
~~I'm just a human, i have weaknesses, i make mistakes, and i experience sadness.. but i learn from all these things to make me a better person.

~~miz adeqLa~~ 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

God.. Give me more Strength

wake up early, just remembering the plants in facebook farmville game not harvested yet..hahhaa
what a addicted to game til can in to my dream.. sure its not a sweet dream..

yesterday night just meet up with the card designer, and everything goes smoothly as per planning, just finalize all the wording and design, then its should be ready by next week..

in between on all events, too many problems arise, too many unexpected things coming over.. and sure its not the one that give any relief to my headache but its really really make my brain jammed all over the way..
i cant think at all, 

i almost fed up.. almost give up.. but whatever it is, i should face it, should find for a solution..
its not about me, but its about everybody..
i almost blame the unfair world.. but i realize this only the life game, see how we handle and face it..

but at this time i really down.. im trying to keep my smiling face but deep down in my heart, its hurt.. its really broken of all the things coming over.. im still smile to everyone i still keep my laugh spread everywhere, still maintain my jokes.. but its really hard actually to hide the ocean of tears..
im seeing all my dream keep away from me, its really hard to hold on that..
but, against all odd, against all logic, i still hope..
i believe God still love me, sure there are still a way for everything, there have a reason in every matters..
i almost cant handle the situation.. but i remember, God never test me more than i cant handle..
then, im waiting the light of the Hope.. 
God, just give me more strength, i really believe in U.. 
even its simple i still want to make it perfect... I need Your guidance and Spirit..
 til here for now..its rainy day.. heavy rain here
and its working day..

still hope the Light
 ~~miz adeqzLa~~

Sunday, October 24, 2010 its should look like..

again.. after a few trial, still blur in choosing the card design..

formal card already in progress, just the informal card for friend and selected people designated and handmade by me still in progress..
the theme is red and white.. so the card should on these kind of colour too..

i already choose a few sample, and it should be one of these card unless i make changes on last minutes when i started to make it.. its will be originally by me ...
and  its will be distributed at least 2weeks before the ceremony..

~~miz adeqzLa~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

mixed up..

i don't know why but seem like i cannot sleep tonite, insomnia again?? 
adding up with the teenager's story, a lot of problem arise..
 uncontrollable conditions, selfish, everybody stand on their egoistic.. 
huh,  very hard to handle but to thinks about also can give thousand of headache..
is that how this world act.. 

til here.. i must stop writing now, im really blur,
i need to do something without think and no need to worry about..
maybe playing games will work out..

 hoping for peaceful mind
~~miz adeqzLa~~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hari Ini daLam sEjaRah = 10.10.10

 10 -10-10
hari ni 10-10-10.. cantik tarikh dia, tapi x secantik kolam ikan kami di rumah...
semuanya habis... hancur.. ingatkan hari ni nak bersihkan kolam ikan, tapi lain lak jadinya..
da 5bln bela ikan2 tu, dari kecil smpi besar2.. gemuk2 comel sgt.. skng semua da xde..
da tanam blkg rumah... harap2 nanti tumbuh la pokok yg ada buaian kt atas tpt ikan tu kna tanam..
mcm ceta dogeng.. huhuuu..

ada org tu terlalu pandai, ingat tuang anti-klorin.. rupanya tertuang klorin...
keracunan ikan2 kami... huhuhuuuuu.. da la anti-klorin kat umah da abissssssssssss... kedai lak suma da tutup almaklumlah hari minggu...

sedih sangat2...
20 ekor ikan kap.. yg besar2 ada 8ekor sedang ada 4 ekor yg kecik2 lagi ada 8 ekor.. ikan mas yang 8 ekor pun da tgl 2 ekor itupun tgh mencungap cungap.. xtau la bole survive ke x... yg survive cuma ikan kebal.. ikan bandaraya, ikan puyuh ngn sepat.. sedih tgk kolam da kosong..

nak cakap apa pun da xguna da.. xpe la, da smpi ajal ikan2 tu suma.. da besar2 da pun..
sok nak beli lg la.. yg besar 2.. tapi kalo beli yga da besar mahal la.. dlu beli yg kecil tu sekor baru la dlm 5ringgit.. kalo besar sket dlm rm10.. kalo yg kecil sket dlm rm4 jer.. skng kalo beli yg da besar mcm skng tu dlm rm80.. huhuuuu.. mahal la.. nti xpuas jaga, xdpt tgk ikan2 tu membesar kan..
kena beli yg kecil2 jg la.. kena tgu lg beberapa bulan smapi ikan2 tu besar kan...
hmmmm.. apa bole buat.. berakhirlah sejarah ikan2 kap, ikan mas di kolam kami hari ini.. 10-10-10..

Monday, October 4, 2010

the Light for the Hope is still there..

after a few months keep settling everything, now its already on last stage.. going to final..
cant believe in it.. 
thanks God, after a lot of things in out, problems everywhere.. unexpected.. everything is settle.. all going smoothly.. out of expectations..
now, can think of other things.. move to higher stage..
really grateful for all support from family and friends whom never stop supporting me and all the advice, all the words of the day... really appreciate it..
hmmm.. need to do something else, a lots of things waiting to handle..
will 'coret-coret' again next time...

~~miz adeqLa~~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

tEntaNg kawaN... aKu, Dia, KamU, Kita & mEreKa..

cerita dulu-dulu..
kita sahabat sejati

bila sedih, kita selalu cakap.. 

lepas tu..
macam2 cerita kita kongsi.. antara aku dan dia.. kamu dan dirinya.. kita dan mereka..
semua tentang sahabat.. 
rasa happy tu masih terasa di hati..

begitu la..aku sampai lupa.. cerita terakhir yang kita kongsi bersama..

kita slalu cakap.. 

tapi... apa sekalipun.. walau masa bertukar ganti, walau bumi berubah..
kita tetap kawan selamanya..
walau jarang bercerita, walau jarang berhubung apatah lagi bertemu.. kita xpernah lupa pada ikatan PERSAHABATAN yang pernah terjalin..
bagi kita, sahabat itu sejati untuk selamanya..
kita selalu berharap jangan pernah lupa janji kita..
walau apa sekalipun kita tetap
'FriEnd ForEvEr'

  ~~miz adeqLa~~ my room-03-10-10; 1.23am

Saja CorEt-c0rEt...

lamanya xmenulis.. start raya ja da demam teruk smpi mc berhari hari..
keja pun byk yg tertangguh.. yg teruk tu baju semua da mcm baju pinjam.. al maklum la da kurus sesangat.. S sizes da jadi XS.. kwn2 ckp 'ur chin da tajam la, face da ilang bulat' :-(
mcmana nak naik kn berat bdn ni.. da la susah nak dpt berat ideal skali da demam turun teruk pun br nak elok sikit, keja pla byk, network problem system down, bt keja pun hang2 mcm network kt opis tu.. kecian kt tailor2 supplier2.. payment xkeluar lg.. sorry la, bz sgt2 +system problem + terlebih mc..
hmmm... apa2 pun talk to the hand jela.. bila tangan da rajin bt keja, brain speed da upgrade msti semua siap kn.. mcm lady bos slalu ckp 'u magic' keja byk pun msti bole siap pnya.. dia xtau otak da separuh keluar kena perah habis habisan..kalo otak tu bole bercakap msti dia meloncat keluar minta simpati kan pastu mnta tolong.. 'plzz3, stop for a while i need some rest'..
nasib baik ada my lappy jd teman setia yg slalu jd inspirasi.. thnks kwn2 yg slalu bt aku snyum slalu...

~~~miz adeqLa~~