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Monday, October 4, 2010

the Light for the Hope is still there..

after a few months keep settling everything, now its already on last stage.. going to final..
cant believe in it.. 
thanks God, after a lot of things in out, problems everywhere.. unexpected.. everything is settle.. all going smoothly.. out of expectations..
now, can think of other things.. move to higher stage..
really grateful for all support from family and friends whom never stop supporting me and all the advice, all the words of the day... really appreciate it..
hmmm.. need to do something else, a lots of things waiting to handle..
will 'coret-coret' again next time...

~~miz adeqLa~~

1 comment:

  1. Herm.. Herm.. Herm.. Hihihi.. Mo tumpang tnya bha... Higher stage tu stands 4 what ah? Naik pangkat or Naik pelamin? Hehehe... Anyway... Wish u all da best my dear... Muuaah... Both of 'Naik P' tu, aq sokong!!! :-D