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Saturday, October 30, 2010

God.. Give me more Strength

wake up early, just remembering the plants in facebook farmville game not harvested yet..hahhaa
what a addicted to game til can in to my dream.. sure its not a sweet dream..

yesterday night just meet up with the card designer, and everything goes smoothly as per planning, just finalize all the wording and design, then its should be ready by next week..

in between on all events, too many problems arise, too many unexpected things coming over.. and sure its not the one that give any relief to my headache but its really really make my brain jammed all over the way..
i cant think at all, 

i almost fed up.. almost give up.. but whatever it is, i should face it, should find for a solution..
its not about me, but its about everybody..
i almost blame the unfair world.. but i realize this only the life game, see how we handle and face it..

but at this time i really down.. im trying to keep my smiling face but deep down in my heart, its hurt.. its really broken of all the things coming over.. im still smile to everyone i still keep my laugh spread everywhere, still maintain my jokes.. but its really hard actually to hide the ocean of tears..
im seeing all my dream keep away from me, its really hard to hold on that..
but, against all odd, against all logic, i still hope..
i believe God still love me, sure there are still a way for everything, there have a reason in every matters..
i almost cant handle the situation.. but i remember, God never test me more than i cant handle..
then, im waiting the light of the Hope.. 
God, just give me more strength, i really believe in U.. 
even its simple i still want to make it perfect... I need Your guidance and Spirit..
 til here for now..its rainy day.. heavy rain here
and its working day..

still hope the Light
 ~~miz adeqzLa~~

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