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Saturday, December 11, 2010

its My Big Day - The Reception for Our Destiny of LovE

The start of new life as Wife, Friends & sometimes enemy to someone we called Husband..
he's my friends, my close friends, my boyfriend and now he's my husband
he is the one who i always want to share all my story together.. since before and hopefully afterwards
he is the one who always spare his ears to hear all my story either its good, its bad nor its happy or my sadness,
always spare his brains to think how to handle my stubborn
he always keep his heart only for me { hope its will be forever}
he's the one who always sacrifice his time for me
he is the one who always surrender to make me happy
he is the one who i always want to share all my live life together

and its our day
its happen on 5th December 2010..
the Reception for our destiny of love..
its time when He welcoming his Honey as Wife to his Life
we love each other
the Reception

a moment to remember
she's the queen of the day

 a day to remember

I always Hope this wonderful relation is blessed for the whole of our life
and its will be forever happily everafter

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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