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Thursday, July 29, 2010

haRi yanG inDah unTuk JiwA yaNg tEnanG

wake up in the morning...
wah.. already late.. cant hear the alarms..
but still have time to write here.. <(^0^)>

sEmaLam tidur LEna, mimpi pun yang bEst2 jak.. hopefully hari ni pun seindah mimpi semalam..
already 7.06am.. must go now to work otherwise i'll be late, and $10 from my salary will be cut for coming late.. huh!!
bila la jadi bos sendiri ni, xpayah kena tolak gaji kalau datang lambat.. {keep dreaming}

time to works now.. continue later..
WakeImage by Ryan Forsythe via Flickr

have a nice day
~~~miz adeqz~~~

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