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Sunday, August 29, 2010

its so bored

just a few days only my da sista left and going back to kk, its feel empty..
its its almost a month i never log to my blog..hmmm..
last week on sunday we go to Genting.. just bawa my sista2 jalan2 enjoy2.. mmg enjoy..
 just 4 of us..nobody believe if we saying that we are siblings.. hahhaa, totally different
the best things is, kitorg pg during fasting month, not many people there, we finish all the game in just 3 and half hours only.. some people speak chinese to us, some said 'konichiwa' and some asking if we are foreigners from taiwan or korea.. hahhaa..there the chinese, jepun and korea be together.. wawawaaa..
dalam ceta best tetap ada yg xbest.. Genting is not on the plan.. we should go jalan2 shopping at k only but last minute we decide to go.. pg kl sentral to buy the ticket but sold out.. one of the driver teksi offer to send us wt charges rm30 per head then at last he said rm100 for a teksi coz u all pretty.. wen we look at the 'gatal' face and he start to 'kacau' my sister we move over from there to plan or other things.. look at my sisters face, pity them if planning to genting cancelled, so other alternative go to gombak lrt station to look if there got ticket to genting..
yess luck on our side, we get the ticket on 11 o'clock and return at 7.15pm..
the time is enough for us since genting is not crowded as normal sunday..  so, we enjoyyyy..

~~~miz aDeqLa~~~

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