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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


its always on my mind.. why its so hard to say SORRY... to say U're Forgiven...
very simple words just Im Sorry and U're Forgiven...
its a common sense that always make us stuck in life..

nobody realized that forgiveness clears the pathway in front of us and give u a space to move forward..
its lighten the emotional burden, its healing the emotional pain..
when we do something truly wrong we always ask forgiveness from others but did we realize that its not enough to reduce the burden in our heart.. even we get the forgiveness but its still haunting our days..
just one reasons.. that is we forgot to forgive ourself..

we cannot move forwards because of our truly mistakes...
we cannot face life because of break-ups..
we cannot move on because of terrible childhood memories..
we cannot meet people because of shameful events..
but WHY??
people around us can forgive us, we can meet someone better, we still have chances to get better life, we are not the only persons having nightmare...
still back to main reasons.. coz we Forgot to Forgive ourself for what happened..

Just look back what is the positive things from the events.. imagine how relief we feel coz finally we manage to get out from relationship that make us suffered enough.. understand ourselves why we did the things happened and why we deserves to be forgiven..

Unforgiven - its like an invisible prison, nobody never manage to see it  but are nonetheless there.. and we are the warden for our own prison..
sometimes we feel that we dont deserves to be forgiven.. we rather to carry out the pains in our heart coz we thinks that is what we deserves.. but we are totally WRONG..
if others unable to forgive us we still have the forgiven from ourself.. Release all the pains in our hearts that always beating us mentally, let go our past then we can deal with our current life more easily, freeing from our private prison that we never see..
the master keys is Forgiveness..
i've trying it.. and its allowed  me to move on to a new level of living.. it enables me to forgive such that after 12yrs and could finally let go all the past and forgive them.. now i feel free from all the negativity, grateful and peaceful.. everything is possible and im able to see the new and kinder eyes..
just stop beating ourself up all the time, stop hating and try to love life.. how scary the life is we should love life and thankful for what we have..

Forgivenes - its a gift, even a billionaire wont afford to buy it..
                   its like a bouquet of flower that always cheer we up..
Forgiveness ~~ That moment inside of you where you forgive what's happened is the moment when you are enlightening yourself ~~~ John Roger~~~

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