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Monday, August 30, 2010

Miss my h0mE..

its already 12.20 midnite..
and i still stay awake, keep looking at my family photo..
i miss them so much.. its only 3mths after my last visit but the feeling like its long time never see them..
i call them everyday but its never same when we sit together, share all the feeling, chatting and laugh..having the meal together..its really wonderful..sweet.. i dunno wt the best words to describe the feeling..cant express.. only a heart know..
rindu dgn kenakalan my little princess at home, rindu dgn kecomelan c kecik baby boy..
teringat keletah mereka.. its so sweet, bila tgk pic msti rasa nak gelak..
tgk la tu.. comel sgt2.. they owez cheer us..make us smile, its owez happening when theyre around..
huh!! really miss them..

love and miss them..

the sweet of mine..

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