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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Am I Too Worried

thinking of monday..
the busy day of the world.. 
then.. thinking of my lil sister.. pity her, coz scolded by me.. 
what a bad tempered sister.. 
not in purpose.. but its all related to busy day..
since morning i need to complete my account.. a lot of things need to do...
in between of all busyness i keep a minutes to call my lil sisters since she already on semester break, she's not going back early coz waiting for my mommy to coming over next week.. 
then the story is.. "she said im going to penang tommorow, can u come tonite to my hostel taking my stuff and kept it at ur home" what.... its all last minute decision.. huh!!!
when im asking her with who, the answer is alone & she wanna take bus express.. but how she will going to bus terminal.. she's alone, she's not familiar with that area..the terminal wasnt in town but nearby the highway.. the only way is take a cab if nobody can send her out.. im working, so????.. she said "i can go alone, i can take taxi from college to ktm station, stop at putra then take cab to jln duta"...
what a waste of time.. is she think that taking a cab from putra will be ok.. she never go to putra but take a risk going alone.. i already tired, too many answer make my adrenalin getting fast.. huh!!!!
did she think kl people is not same wt kk people, with tuaran people.. here we can see too many nice people but... their heart, their thinking is not nice as what we thinking of..
what they call it " two faces.. nice outside, sweet words but evil inside"
am i wrong of being too worried???
the day before Eidul Adha celebration.. sure all the way jammed and dunno either still can get the ticket or not.. flight ticket is very expensive when it comes to peak season..
huh!!! out from office at 7pm, rushing to going back home.. im hungry but owh...need to go jln duta bus terminal to look for the ticket... and its really jammed.. arrive at terminal and... its crowded wt all people going  back hometown for raya celebration..
keep queue and waiting.. and finally.. in front of counter.. shes very lucky still got empty seat to sg Nibong at 11am.. but still thinking of hows she going to terminal... 
going back to sgbuloh, sending the ticket to her, taking all the stuff.. a big luggage + a big teddy bear.. 
still thinking, then friend of mine suggest to call one of our friend who work as a taxi driver.. at least we found someone that can be trusted.. i can put aside my worry.. huh!! still can't breathe normal til she arrive safely at sgnibong and met my big sisters.. 
am i too worried???

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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