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Monday, November 1, 2010

Everything Gonna Be Alright

welcome November.. its 01-11-2010
hmm.. wake up early morning..
yesterday night before going to bed, im thinking that after wake up everything gonna be alright..
but now still have the hard feeling inside..

its true that very hard to satisfy everybody, really hard to taking care of everybody's heart..
we always think that we doing the correct things, its right at the right time right place but...
its still seem like imperfect on other's eyes.. headache again..
we think we already make it correct, but our thinking our feeling never be same.. whatever on my head also never be the same as yours.. 
huh!!! i never expect it to be controversy, i just want to make it perfect even its simple..

what should i do now.. everything seem wrong already been corrected.. whats else..
oh God, now im asking for Your Light.. Im request for your Guidance.. which way should i follow..
now already November.. its getting closer.. and its make me stomache.. huhh!!!

whatever it is, the hope for today is still.... " Everything Gonna Be Alright"
this day of 01-11-2010 will be lovable.. now and forever.. aminnn..

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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