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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 & 2012

2011 is almost over.. 
and i still wondering what have i done for the whole year of 2011.. time gone by so fast.. the only one thing i realise is i gonna be a mommy soon.. very soon... that the only things i can keep in my mind..
too many things happen, too many things left over.. 
i only have another 1month to go before the due date, already 35weeks left..huh, the time is really unstoppable.. hopefully everything going to be ok.. the only things the only HOPE for now is my healthy.. by lil baby inside healthy and perfect.. 
til here for now, need to have some rest.. its start to feel the pain down there.. lil baby is start tu moving around.. please baby give mommy some rest..

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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