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Saturday, January 29, 2011

China Village Spring Mid Valley 2011

The story of yesterday 28th January 2011..
my unplanned visit to Mid Valley... its all about the train delay, so i spend my time to have fun the acrobatic performance and lion dance at mid valley..
also 'cuci mata' with the CNY decoration.. really awesome..when u 1st step into the centre court hall its feel like ur in china village.. all stall was decorated with wooden chair, birdcage, ladder , drum and for sure there is always plum blossom and red lantern..

for the acrobatic performance, it was so fantastic til the end of the show only i realise i didnt take any photo at all.. hahha...
 the lion dance i always love to see

 its come to me.. and give the orange but the person next to me take it..
 see the deco
 feel like in china village
 look at the house
 and the plum blossom
 the entrance of the hall

and finally.. wishing everyone have a prosperous new year of rabbit 2011.. 
Double Happiness Double Prosperity
Bunnies is everywhere!!!

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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