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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I still on FLU

its been two day im on leave from my blogs.,
its been 2days also.. and my flu still not gone, its become worst,
already see the doctor, already take medicine but... sadly to say, my cough worsen, my nose pricking, the bitter of pharynx.. my God, its really painful, the Flu torture me.. especially when the night come, its become worst, feel cold but when i wear sweater feel really hot, hot without sweating.. how irritating..
my aircond can stay quiet, can rest for a few days until i recover.. huhuu..

its only happen after we having dinner last saturday, just after eating only i can feel something on my throat..
its must be the turmeric chicken.. maybe the oil use to cook the chicken... at that time very hard to find oil so probably the restaurant recycle the oils..
huh.. im the victim, yesterday already take MC, todays need to come to work even though im not recover yet, but what other choice i have.. i need to complete all the report by this week and too many things not up to date yet..

need to take sleep n rest now, the medicine start working.. can feel the sleepy..
nite & sweet dream.. hopefully 2moro become better than today..

~~miz adeqzLa~~

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